Baltimore’s Best Tacos

Oooh, I LOVE tacos.  Seriously, I have a hard time seeing them on the menu and not trying them.  I have tried them just about everywhere.  I definitely cannot turn down a fish taco on any menu, but interesting enough – none of them make my favorites list.

Papi’s – I love Papi’s authentic style, but for those of you who like cheese and sour cream they have a gringo style.  I love love their tacos – I get the short rib and lobsta every time.  They probably win best seafood taco for me.

B&O – These guys might win most Abby inspired dish.  The octo taco!  Do I need to say more?  Plus, it’s a jicima “tortilla” – perfect crispness and crunch.  It’s also a Julia inspired taco – since there are no avocados and you certainly won’t miss it.

Barcocina – I don’t have a lot of good to say about the food here, but they make a mean mushroom taco.  So, they would win for best veggie taco with beech and oyster mushrooms, ploblano pepper and their corn salsa.

Cinco De Mayo and Tortillia Sinoloa have mostly authentic style tacos.  Corn tortillas meat and a little pico de gallo or onions and cilantro.  I suggest heading to Eastern Ave, right past Broadway and you can try them both side by side.  On the day I went, the meat and tortillas were better at Cinco and the fish and pico was better at Tortillia.

Bar Clavel are making their own tortillas in-house every day, which is elevating their taco style.  I still haven’t tried the tacos – but I can’t wait.

Oh, and yes, I’ve been to Banditos, Blue Agave, and Holy Fijoles – I’m unimpressed.  I’d love some recommendations for other places to try.