Vegan Results

The results.

I’ve stayed mostly vegan for about 7 weeks.  I did have a cheat day or dish here and there;  sometimes, it’s hard when you are out with friends and scallops looks so tasty.   So, like maybe once a week or so.

Plus, the first week or so was HARD.  Genuinely HARD.

I was thirsty and incredibly hungry (and honestly, a little uncomfortable and bloated; whoops, tmi?).  I was also bored, I felt like I was eating the same thing every day.  Despite checking out tons of blogs and magazines, everything tasted like chili – a Mexican style chili, an Asian style chili – lots of beans and rice.  Oh, and the cravings – I found the meat much easier to give up than the cheese.  Maybe there is  a little something to that addictiveness of cheese.

Around day 10, I started to feel much better.  My belly was starting to handle the foods a little better.  Plus, I figured out that I wouldn’t crave all the “bad” things if I was able to snack throughout the day.  I brought apples with peanut butter, crackers made from beets to dip in hummus, and a few vegan breakfast bars with me to work.  After some meal planning for lunches during the week, I had salads and leftovers that made it much easier to get through day.  I began to actually craving the fruits and veggies, and could care less about meat and dairy.

All in all, my body loved being Vegan.  My taste-buds eventually came around.  It’s much easier than you think and it’s amazing for the world and your health.  I want to keep at it long-term, but I see myself moving to a more flexible style diet.  Where mostly vegan, with a side of vegetarian at home, but a little more freedom to try out chef’s creations.



One thought on “Vegan Results

  1. Looks great! And I couldn’t agree with you more! That’s kind of my diet too–eat vegan at home but try things when I’m out!

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