I have lived blocks from this place and only recently become a regular. I am happy to have this spot close by.  Niwana has a family style diner vibe but serves Japanese and Korean fare.  With all the new apartments and low dollar restaurants, I hope this little gem manages to stick around.  It’s kind of tucked into the corner and easy to miss.


Just like I say in every one of my posts, I chose a spot at the bar – only this time the sushi bar.  Whenever, I am super hungry in an Asian restaurant, I always want the dumplings.  We tried the Yaki Mandu – Korean inspired grilled beef filled dumplings that are fried until crispy.

I love sushi and maki and most sashimi; it definitely ranks upon some of my favorite foods.  These guys have your classic rolls with some specialty rolls combining lots of flavors.  I get a little overwhelmed with a ginormous menu and so far have stuck mostly to the sushi.  My favorite maki roll is a salmon and avocado.  I am not sure why this simple one always calls my name when I sit down to a meal with chopsticks.

Our other go to bites are usually Unagi and Saba sushi.  The unagi (eel) was tasty – but slathered a little heavily with the sticky sweet eel sauce.  I believe the saba (mackerel) was cured or smoked; it had a distinct salty and rice vinegar flavor.

I prefer sushi that is not covered in mayo or spicy mayo or whatever sauce a place considers their specialty.  I still like to try a few specialty rolls to get a feel for what the sushi chef has in mind.  I liked the flavors of the Niwana Roll, but would certainly ask chef to go a little lighter on the mayo.  The roll is topped with their house crab salad.  I know it is a Japanese style dish, but I was hoping for real, not imitation crab in the salad.

My only complaint is that service can be a little slow.. It’s great if you want to have a casually paced meal and conversation.  But, don’t dine in if your in a hurry.

Niwana Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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