Paulie Gee’s

I have been waiting for this place to open.  It was the talk of the town for days, then months, then years. But, finally, the wood fired ovens are hot and ready and these guys are open evenings serving salads and pizzas.  This New York style chain but serving Neapolitan style pizza.  The gorgeous wood fired ovens came in from Italy, which may have had something to do with why we had to wait so long.

You can see all the wood behind it that they use to make this thing hot, hot hot.  So hot in there, the pizzas are only in for a few moments; coming out with the melted gooeyness and scorched blistery crust. Don’t dismiss it cause it has a little char, the dough is soft enough to be chewy and sturdy enough to keep the all high quality the toppings in place.

The space is huge with a large open dining area and a large wooden bar in the back.  The large open space makes it kind of loud when all the seats are full; it also has the hustle and bustle feel of the big apple.  If your looking for a slightly more quite spot, the bar is more secluded and the wood seems to damper the noise.  I love sitting at a bar and chatting with the staff, but there are also counter height tables back there.


I had a more traditional pizza with a little bit of Berkshire soppressata picante.  They call it the Hellboy – thin crust pizza topped with fresh mozz, italian tomatoes, a little Parmigiano-Reggiano, tons of meat and a drizzle of Mike’s Hot Honey.

I loved the Stinger Bell.  It’s simple, yet complex and unique.  They use a mozzarella that they smoke in house and layer it with lemon slices, fresh basil, and a drizzle of olive oil and more that hot honey.  The pizza is then topped with some lemon bitters.

Have no fear vegans.  I liked the vegan pizza almost as much as the cheesy ones.  They have a plethora of choices – we went with the Red, White and Greenpeace.  The pizza has loads of baby arugula, and topped with with house-pickled red onions and house-made cashew ricotta dollops to give the cheesy element that you want on pizza.

These pizzas are not cheap.  It was $17 for just the pizza and its not filling enough for 2, if you are hungry.  But, they are tasty and inspired.

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