Peabody Heights Brewing


The Tap Room is definitely a locals spot: weird hours, no food, and babies all over the bar; all of this, across the street from a school.  Nevertheless, if you are free you should stop in for a few beers, but only midday Saturday or Wednesdays and Fridays evenings.

The staff is super friendly and attentive and they have a ton of beers on tap.  This brewery is a hot spot for collaboration.  I thought we were going to have only Peabody Heights Brews on tap, but there are several others using the facility, keeping it busy and keeping beer brewed local.  We tried a few different beers from several different brewing companies that are all made at the Peabody site.

Baltimore Brewing Co. and three on tap;  we had a sample of the J.W. Stash – a dry hopped amber ale.  I also tried Fin City’s Jackpot Amber.  I guess I was on an Amber kick that day.  I generally like wit/wheat style beers.  But, they only had one – Full Tilt Fleet Street Raspberry Wheat.  I liked it, but a little too sweet to drink all night.

Check this place out; I hope to become a regular.


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