Alizée American Bistro

Alizée has been on my list for a long time because it is super close to home.  It’s really too bad because it is terrible.

I had a reservation – but no one was around to check us in – so we sat at the bar.  Even though, we could have picked any table in there; this place was EMPTY on a Friday evening.  Maybe the lack of staff had something to do with our terrible service.  Everyone seemed overwhelmed even though I could only see about 13 people in the entire place.

It took quite a while, but once we finally got the bartenders attention, we were able to order.  I started with the Fried Green Tomato Napoleon.  Slices of fried green tomatoes with thick slices of mozzarella cheese and an overwhelmingly large drizzle of balsamic vinegar.  The fried green tomatoes were solid, crispy and firm.  The mozz though, was flavorless and boring.  With so many places making amazing cheese dishes, I am not sure why you would push a dish with average store bought cheese.

For dinner, we went with salads.  I was craving a boring Caesar salad, which was exactly what I got.  It seemed as though they took one of those Ceaser salad bags that you can find in the grocery store and put it in a bowl.  I added a crab cake.  This was actually the highlight of the salad.  I like mine with large lumps of crab, not much mustard, and very little filler.  It was good, but it’s Baltimore, most crab cakes are good.

The Sonoma Salad was fine, but still not worth going back for.  Some field and then a bunch of Granny smith apples slices.  A handful of cranberries and candied walnuts, and some crumbled goat cheese.  Far more toppings than lettuce.

This place is fine.  It’s your basic hotel restaurant.  I was hoping for something more.  There isn’t anything happening at this place that your average home cook couldn’t do.


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