Modern Cook Shop

Modern Cook Shop is a welcomed addition to Fells Point, fitting in perfectly for the crowd who doesn’t want blaring music, miller light, and fried tots every night they go out.  It’s trendy and modern, while still being warm, inviting and clean.


As you enter, off Wolfe Street, there is a cheery blue sign and tables outside. My favorite part is the writing on the wooden ceiling.  There is a modern and trendy feel.  The space is huge; it is actually a market with fresh veggies, pre-made takeout.  I think the best part of this isn’t the milk and eggs to go, but the beer and wine.  I haven’t yet to come for coffee, but there is a stunning coffee bar.  There are different sections where you can grab a seat and eat pastries from the coffee bar, or sandwiches from the charcuterie, or even pizza from the pizza oven.  I weaved my way through the stands and the groceries to the Chef’s bar.  I can watch all magic happen while I taste all the yummy goodness.  I enjoy sitting near the bartenders or the chef; I feel more connected to the dishes and can appreciate the work put into them.


There is a full bar; the bartenders are making gorgeous classic and craft cocktails.  Like this Rye Manhattan with Pikesville Rye.  The specialty cocktails are worth a try.   The wine list isn’t extensive, but great choices and reasonable prices.  It was hot out, so I stayed mostly with white and enjoyed a Rias Baxias  Albariño.  This crisp wine has lovely acidity and minerality so it pairs well with just about everything.  Especially the oysters.


I am a fan of this place. I  like the ambiance.  The menu is focused and delicious and based on fresh ingredients – sometimes they come straight from the pantry section.  We started with a gorgeous plate of oysters served on a bed of sea salt and topped with a ramp mignonette.  A perfect start to the meal.  They came out quick and gave our bellies some times to peruse the menu.


One of my favorite dishes was the heirloom tomato salad with fresh basil, cucumbers and  honeydew.  The tomatoes were super fresh, juicy and tangy; various colors make the dish pop.  I will never turn down a tomato salad – especially heirlooms.  The tomatoes were so good, they didn’t need anything else; seasoned with just enough salt and pepper to highlight their natural taste.  So simple, but incredibly colorful and flavorful.


Everyone was pleased with their meals – I split the duck breast; which the team was so kind to put on two plates.  Delish. I loved this dish.  Super balanced with the Celeriac Root.


The Cioppino is perfect for sharing; a soupy style dish.  Lots of seafood in a succulent broth: huge juicy shrimps, a few seared scallops, tons of mussels and clams, bursting cherry tomato with garlic and crusty crispy bread.  I like that chef leaves the head on the shrimp.  This was so tasty. I am pretty sure we needed more bread to keep sopping up that garlicky broth.

And if that wasn’t enough.  Chef surprised us with a candle in the dessert, since we’re celebrating a birthday.  These guys are great.  Almost as important as the meal, was the service.  I wish I could remember the waiter’s name because he deserves extra kudos.  I will be sure to tell managment when I go in the next time.


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