The Baltimore Whiskey Company


I had the pleasure of spending some time with Max and Eli over at The Baltimore Whiskey Company on Sisson Street in Remington.  These guys are distilling craft spirits and bringing the Rye Whiskey back to the city.  They are super excited to be the only group fermenting, distilling, and barreling their Rye in the City of Baltimore.

Of course they haven’t bottled the whiskey yet, since it will need to age for 2 years; they are building up their stock.  It’s been in those barrels for just about 6 mos. and we got a taste.  The first straight whiskey will be ready in early 2018.


Eli snagged us a taste of the 100% Rye whiskey from barrel number one – a mix of rye and malted rye.  Even after 6 months there is a nice caramel color happening on this spirit.  Sharp, strong bold tastes after just such a short time in the barrel.  There was definitely sweet notes balanced with the woody earthiness.  It warmed the mouth, something I didn’t think was possible on a 100+ degree day.


In the meantime, while the whiskey is aging, these guys are still making great spirits.  My favorite: Gin.  This is the first gin distilled in the city since prohibition.  They have two types from The Baltimore Whiskey Company – The Shot Tower and a Barreled Gin. The Shot Tower is their very first product – not your London Dry Gin.  It more of a citrus forward gin that gets their own blend of botanicals – a little bit of jasmine, some coriander, and juniper to list a few.  That is to say, it tastes less like a pine tree, but still goes great in most of your classic cocktails.  This gin is likely to pull some “I hate Gin” drinkers into the fold.  The Barreled Gin spent a little time in whiskey barrels for about 8 mos. It ended up on my shelf for cocktails tonight.

The Charles Street Apple Brandy is made with some local apples, they take some of the apple pits and cores over to Blue Pit and smoke them to give this a mezcal-ish smokey quality during the distilling process.  Totally unique.  You will not find a brandy or a mezcal like this on the market anywhere.  I suggest you grab a bottle during their open hours – Saturday from 12-4.  You will fall in love with this company once you meet the team.


We had a few more tastings and Max made me a shrub cocktail.  Their 1904 Apple Ginger Liqueur starts as their apple brandy and is macerated with ginger and spice.  During the distillery process they add a little apple juice and molasses.  The same apple juice they start with.  Yum.


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