Schola Cooking School


Jerry Pellegrino and Amy von Lange have created a wine and fun-filled experience in Mount Vernon.   They have a cooking class schedule that covers making pasta, wine tasting and regional menus.  Generally, there are 20 or so folks gathered around a common theme.  I have had the pleasure of attending two different classes; an a whole lot of wine.  Most of these classes are BYOB, so grab some friends pick a night/course and head to Mount Vernon.

After Jerry welcomes the group, Amy divvies up the jobs and the groups are off to races – grating cheese, rolling beignet dough, slicing onions, and breaking down octopus.  The octopus was fun, we watched her take out the beak, and saw the ink sac.  It’s actually a lot less intimidating than you think.


There are stations all over the Schola Cooking space; everyone can kind of spread out and work on different dishes.  The students do most of the prep work and the Chefs mostly direct the operation.  The prep and the cooking takes about an hour or so.  I like these guys.  The whole night is entertaining.


There is a large communal table in the middle of the kitchen, so once your task(s) are finished, grab a seat and refill your glass of wine. It gives you the chance to chat with your neighbors about what they do and the dish they prepared.  Once everything is plated, dinner is served family style.


Remember though, the food is made by your comrades – not all of them experienced chefs, so be nice!

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