Colette is the new sister restaurant from the folks over at Bottega. It’s a much different vibe: larger space, full bar, and hidden kitchen.  I love the guys next door, so I couldn’t wait for this place to open.  I wasn’t disappointed.  It’s French inspired, hence the name.  I love the dark candle-lit kinda bar.  It definitely sets the mood for a perfect date night.  The space is big though, so don’t be afraid to take your groups.   There are plenty of open seats in the bar area, so the guys behind the bar can get a little busy… Be patient.

There is a nice wine list, unfortunately, I walked in slightly after happy hour and missed all the specials.  Womp, Womp.   Bartenders were mixing up some quality cocktails, and when they had time, they were willing to talk us through all sorts of spirits and cocktails.  As per usual, I went with wine.

First choice from the food menu was the Gruyère beignets.  Because Gruyère and because beignets.  Fantastic.  Perfect crunch on the fried crust, and light and airy body with the tang of the cheese.  As if that was enough, chef tops these gorgeous little nuggets with a drizzle of honey and fresh-cut chives.  Thank goodness there were only 5, because I could eat these all night long.

We had another snack – the steak tartare.  The raw beef was likely sent through a grinder since it was in tiny little balls, which does change tartare texture just slightly.  It rolls around a little more instead of just melty melty goodness. The ramp mayo on the bottom added a nice sharp acidic note to the creamy beef.  Chef added a crunchy texture of the cured egg yolk on top and plenty of crunchy toast points.

The snacks were incredibly balanced; I can’t wait to go back and try a few of the entrées.

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