One of my favorite parts of Fells Point is the different styles of food – especially those from Latin America.  Sajhoma (pronounced SA-homa) is one of the few Dominican restaurants in the city and doing it all in a fast casual style. The food is displayed kind of cafeteria style in the back.   The spot is huge and has a modern style with the wood floors and faux brick wall.  The best part, they serve drinks.  I was lucky to spend the night with a wonderful group including Andrea, aka, bmore_hugry (follow her, she eats everywhere).


We started with some grilled fish – tilapia, I believe – and roasted veggies.  Everything was cooked perfectly; veggies were crisp with a little crunch and the fish was tender, but a little over seasoned with the salt.


While the bloggers were all taking pics of the fish, I was able to try the various styles of mofongo.  I was a little confused by this dish, because it isn’t the plantain filled mofongo I was used to from Puerto Rico.  Turns out these guys invented it, so maybe they are the ones who have it right.  I tried the pork, the chicken and the original versions.  The meat is mashed with fried green plantains and then served with fried cheese!  Flavor is good, but the dish is a little dry.  That is, until you put their fancy red sauce on it; it is elevated to a whole new dish.

My favorite dish of the day was this avocado salad.  Huge chunks of avocado, red onion, tomato, cilantro, and a house vinaigrette on top of a bed of romaine.  Yum. Light, tasty.

Next was the roasted chicken and rice.  I will be ordering this most often. Chicken is nicely seasoned and juicy.  You do not have to get an entire roasted chicken.   You can order a quarter, half or the entire bird.


My favorite was the little cuban sammich bite.  If you like cubans, go here, get this.  I am not the biggest fans of cubans, and even I liked this one.  Mustard, pickles, crispy bread.


Lastly, they have a desert I love.  Tres Leches – glorious.  The Three-Milks cake is a moist yellowish cut of cake that is topped with a whipped-cream frosting and served in a bowl of extra creamy milk.  I didn’t love the whipped cream top, but the cake.  Yum.  I wish I had that right now.


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