Pratt Street Ale House

Thank goodness this city loves the Orioles; it must be the only thing keeping this place alive.  The service is mediocre and the food doesn’t live up to bar food standards.

On a game day, I know quality wine will be in short supply.  These guys have a beer list that goes further than Coors and Bud, thank goodness.  I opted for the Oliver Brewing Co. Cherry Blossom Ale.
I wasn’t offered a glass, but hey, it’s classy to drink from the can.  Plus, it’s pink.  I like this beer; its my style – wheat and not sweet.  I wish I could say it went well with the nachos.

Alas, these were terrible.  They may be fresh fried corn tortillas.  I felt a little misled by the menu describing them as handmade and layered.  I supposed the layering was done by hand.

Pratt Street and I have different opinions of layering.  This was one very large and very deep layer of chips and then a sparse layer of cheese, topped with a few jalapeños and a handful of coarse chopped red onions and tomatoes.  Even from the first shot, there were more chips without cheese than with cheese.

I liked the wings better, probably because they are not breaded, but they are still average.  We went with medium and there wasn’t much heat to them.  Plus, why can’t a girl get some celery with her wings – 10 wings need more than three strips of celery.


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