Steve Chu is bringing fells a fantastic fast casual shop with perfect steam buns.  I was lucky enough to find them as a food truck and knew I was in love.  The new spot on Eastern has a a great vibe highlighting the menu and the food.  We tried everything – including a few of the sodas and teas.


The Papa Chu’s ribs are outta this world; I suggest you try everything and try it often.  It might be gone; you don’t want to miss it.  These might already be gone.  These are a little crispy on the outside, yet still fall off the bone. “Melts in your mouth; sticks to your ribs”.  The rich, sweet, and tender ribs went great with the pickled veggies and drunken edamame.

You really can’t go wrong with anything here, but I think the steamed buns are the best.  And you are going to have some serious FOMO if anyone in your party orders “The Neighborhood Bird”.  The Taiwanese curry fried chicken makes me actually like curry.


All the steam buns are great, but this one wins –  I dare you to finish it.

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