Eightbar in Atomic Books

Yes, Atomic Books is a comic book store.  Yes, they have a cozy little lounge.  No, not a bookstore with coffee, but a comic book store with a bar.  Yes, a bar – with wine, cider, and great choices for beer.

Adrienne – I’m not sure that’s how you spell it – is fantastic.  I went on April’s first Friday – the first Friday in the month – and she held down the rush like none other.  On this particular Friday, they had a Coney Island Brewery takeover.


I started with the hard rootbeer – for no good reason.  It was exactly what I expected – sweet, just like rootbeer.  Adrienne served it over ice, which helped.  Whew! what was I thinking?  Clearly, I wasn’t because my next drink (which was after 7 when the even started) earned me this fancy mug.  And in true fashion, I wanted to try everything so I tried the Hard Orange Creme Ale.  Thank goodness my friends joined me and helped me finish it.  That was it for me and beer.


This place has some decent wine choices – given the size.  I started with a rosé from California, which was fine, but this Pinot was much better – even though it came in a can – almost three glasses worth.  Perfect for sharing.


Check this place out next time you are looking for a cute and relaxing spot.  Just a note, you have to buy the books and then you can bring them in the lounge; they also don’t let you bring the drinks into the store.  Probably a good plan, given how clumsy I am.

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