Huck’s American Craft

Huck’s doesn’t have their full kitchen yet, but is still going strong with their food and beverage menu.   It’s mostly cold sammiches and dips.   This is a great place to watch a football game – nice quality tv’s, sound for local teams and plenty of space.


It’s definitely still a beer bar, with about 20 beers on tap.  I should have started with beer, because the wine wasn’t my favorite – still for $6 it’s a decent choice and a large pour.  They do have a large selection of crushes, that I like on a football sunday; I switched to the Palmer – sweet tea vodka with ginger infused simple and fresh lemon.

As for food – most of the choices are simple – dips with chips and toasted bread and some deli inspired sandwiches.  They sounded delicious.  I had a bite of the American Deli with ham, turkey, and bacon, topped with Amber16 Cheddar and layered on a kaiser.  It was tasty, a little salty, but I was craving salt having just left a Bikram class.

My favorite thing of the day was the soft pretzel – a jumbo soft pretzel with as many dips as you like.  We did the trio – whole grain mustard, a cinnamon icing, and beer fondue (WAY BETTER than the “beer cheese” you find at WOB…) Perfect for me – I get the savory I want and a few bites of something sweet.

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