My friend asked me, “How was Encantada?” and I honestly struggled without detailing my experience.  I liked so many things about this place, but it was not at all what I was expecting.  First off, you can have a little sneak peek at the American Visionary Art Museum and there is a nice view of the harbor through the large large window.  Plus, they are a sister restaurant to Birrotecca, and I do like it there.  I was excited to go with my mom because she is mostly vegetarian – she eats all sorts of things when she is out, but gravitates mostly to vegetarian dishes.

Our service was definitely slow – not sure if that is part of the plan – or just a function of the evening.  I was very excited by the cocktail menu and found myself debating between two and finally decided.  I got lucky; my friend ordered the other one – thanks Matt!

I went with the Cheshire Cat – it’s served in a Collins glass with a straw.  That large blue thing on top is a Magic Velvet Blue Ice cube.  It kind of changed the color of the drink as it melted (not that the drink lasted that long).  I liked this drink, it was very easy to drink, especially with the bubbles.  I could tell there was gin – in this case Anchor Junipero Gin – and could taste the cucumber and lime.  I didn’t get much  from the cucumber-lemongrass syrup.  I could see the muddled mint, but didn’t taste much in the drink.  I thought the ingredients sounded a little complicated.  Based on taste, they could have simply gone with the gin, cucumber and lime, but definitely keep the blue ice.   I also liked the Smoke and Mirrors – it was nice and smokey with the mezcal and ancho chile liqueur.  There is hint of grapefruit from the shrub and a frothy, creamy texture with the egg white.  Don’t be afraid of egg whites, folks!  They make drinks so much better.  My bartender friends will hate me saying that because it does require a “second shake”.  Still. Worth. It.


PS – the chemistry nerd in me loves that they use a household indicator to make the color changes – red cabbage – which they make blue with a little baking soda, and turns a little pink/red as it melts with the citrus.

The food, which is what this post should really be about will have to come later.  For a quick preview – the food was good, but certainly not celebrating the veggies, which is what I expected.
Encantada Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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