Ma Petite Shoe Cafe

Who doesn’t love shoes and chocolate?  Well I don’t love chocolate, but I love shoes enough to count twice.  Ma Petite Shoe has a nice little cafe with tons of seating upstairs and outside.  It’s not just coffee folks, they have a crepe master who is getting it done quickly and tastily.  Plus, I got to watch the whole thing.


There are a large number of coffee selections, traditional lattes and cappuccinos, but also iced Brazilian coffee, bombay latte with ginger.  We went with a thai latte that had honey and lemongrass and the horchata with rice and almond milk.  The barista was a little slow, but the coffee was hot and tasty.


The crepe’s though – so many choices.  Be sure to take a few moments ordering or you might have some crepe envy.  It was breakfast time, so I went with a bacon egg and cheese crepe.  I chose cheddar – the classic – over the tasty brie, goat, and swiss options.  First they pour the crepe batter on the griddle.  They use what looks like a window squeegee to move the batter into a large thin circle.  I had an egg on mine so he cracks that egg right on the cooked crepe and kind of spreads it around so that it cooks while the rest of the filling is warming.  Next, bacon and cheese is added on half.  He folds the crepe in half, slightly scores it into three sections, so that it folds nicely and the filling doesn’t spill all over the place.


The pork belly crepe on special was also fantastic.  Pork belly, greens, and a tomato jam.  The tomato added a little smoky sweetness to the crepe.  If it were me, I would have added goat cheese, but I am a sucker for cheese everyday.

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