Peace & a Cup of Joe


Coffee is the best pick me up in the morning or in this case midday.  While traversing one side of the city to the other, I had a chance to stop at Peace & a Cup of Joe who I believe proudly serves Zeke’s coffee.  It definitely has the home town feel.  The folks behind the counter are approachable and hospitable.  She let me order from either menu as the kitchen was in the middle of shifting.

IMG_0334I love an ice coffee that doesn’t need much milk or sugar – this roast was a gorgeously smooth medium bodied roast with some cocoa and nutty notes.  Plus, they have a ton of toppings for your cup of joe – cinnamon, cocoa, nutmeg…


Luckily, my egg sammich is on both menus, so didn’t much matter.  I went with turkey sausage, cheddar and over hard egg on an english muffin.   You can choose how you want your egg cooked for any of their breakfasts.  I was traveling, so I went for the least likely to be a gooey mess.  Why anyone ever goes to McDonalds is beyond me.  In the few instances of my traveling (Ya know, the where else can I stop? attempts.), I have definitely waited longer in the drive through line than I did parking, ordering and eating my freshly made sammy.

Peace & A Cup of Joe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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