Tortilleria Sinoloa

I am a big fan of the tiny shops who are just doing their thing, pleasing regulars, strangers and tourists alike without being pretentious.  Tortilleria Sinoloa is tiny; no tables, and no room for them.  It’s counter service and if you like your tacos “for here” there are 8 stools and a small counter height bar surrounding the entrance.


The menu was only in Spanish – although a quick Google translate or a chat with the ladies at the counter and you will know what you are ordering if you don’t know your proteins in Español.  IMG_0289

I love love tacos… Have I mentioned that before? We ordered three tacos – pescado, lengua and barbacoa.  They all came on one plate with lime wedges and a side of pico de gallo and two different spicy sauces.  I loved the pico here – everything was crisp and tasted like it was newly picked from the garden – seasoned well with salt, lime and fresh herbs.


The tortillas are made in-house on this monster size tortilla machine. I think they could supply enough tortillas for all of Baltimore.  They make fresh ones every single day and sell them by the kilo.  I would have liked if they had hit the grill and toasted them a little them before they filled our tacos, but they are a tasty.

The fish taco was so perfect – grilled fresh, served simply with a lime, cilantro and a few onions.

The barbacoa was tender, but could have used a little more flavor, the pico and the lime helped. Same is true for the beef tongue. The meat didn’t have much flavor on its own. I liked these, I just can’t figure out what the fillings were missing. Whatever it was, the fish had it. Nevertheless, I will be back for the tacos and will probably do most of my tortilla shopping here.


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