Mussel Bar and Grille

I want to like this place better than Townhouse.  I kinda do, the bartenders know more about beer and sports than the Townhouse guys did, which makes sense given the 30 or so taps and TVs.  But, it’s still your overpriced, average chain restaurant.

It was happy hour on a Thursday, which if you are interested in sports and you are a girl, this is can be a great place to be.  They have a lot of TVs, so you can usually find the game you want, and they have a half price wine list for the entire night – here’s to you, Thursday Night Football, especially since I don’t have cable.  I went with glass of bubbles before opting for medium bodied, rich Malbec.


Given that this place is called Mussel bar, one would think that their mussels would be delish, but they weren’t on the happy hour specials menu and none of the preps were calling my name.  I did however pick the oyster of the day from the chef.   You can see them shuck the oysters right there at the bar, but the bartender didn’t know what kind of oyster I was getting and went to ask, but then couldn’t remember.  Nevertheless, they oysters were good.  The happy hour ones come with a lime apple mignonette, cocktail sauce, lemon and some greens.  I don’t love cocktail sauce, so that stayed in the little cup, but I’d get these again.  

The fries and the meatballs aren’t really worth it even at the happy hour price.  The fries were not crispy and I do not love the way the serve them with the sauce trio plate touching the food.  Meh.  The meatballs were dry, they were no where near as good as those at Ouzo Bay.

I am glad to have another “sports bar” in the area, because I couldn’t handle another season at GB.  I just wish someone would step up their game and be a great sports bar, instead of relying on the fact they are the best in the area.

Mussel Bar & Grille Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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