Bar Liquorice


This place is great.  I don’t want to say that its a hole in the wall, but it certainly doesn’t get much notariaty, nor does it have a huge sign identifying where it is in South Baltimore. It has a friendly corner bar feel when you walk in; with an old fashioned classic twist.  I must say a visit with Shaun makes it worth it – he knows his stuff and he seemed to encourage a dialogue.  I love this in a bartender; I like to chat with strangers and I like to learn things. IMG_0295Its’ welcoming and so charming with the red and black licorice and tons of good and plenty in mason jars all around the bar.  They also greet you with fresh popped popcorn, which was perfect because I was in a snacky kind of indecisive mood.IMG_0290

I have a little bit of a cocktail bug these days and really relished a chance to check out the menu.  My dear friend went with an Old Fashioned that Shawn managed to taste like a rootbeer, but not that syrupy fake rootbeer flavor, which is definitely helping me grow my taste for whiskey and bourbon and finished with lighting the orange peel on fire.  I stuck with my favorite spirit – gin.  Gin, with a little muddled mint and lime.  I will be making this at home, for sure.
IMG_0296 IMG_0292

My first round was delightful, so we stayed for a second.  My friend opted for the stay classy. Bar Liquorice uses Ron Burgundy “Great Odins Raven”, with a little fresh ginger and a simple made with honey.  Next, they add a Laphroig 10 year float.  It’s not my cup of tea, but he thought it was perfect.  I went with a version of the French 75.
And… also a cheese, fruit and charcuterie plate.  Three meats, three cheeses, every type of fruit you could think of, plus a house made jam.  The duck pate was creamy and a nice gamey flavor.  I liked it with the Cahill’s Irish Porter Cheddar and the stone ground mustard.  They don’t skimp on the cheese here – huge chunks of gouda and a pepperdew and roasted red pepper cheddar.  The other meats, a ham and a salami, were not as much of a star on the plate, but for$13, we split it among four and each had plenty of food.  Oh, and wait… I forgot to mention the warm, crusty herb flavored bread that came with this.  Unlike some other places, they give you plenty of bread and don’t make you beg for more every three minutes.
We were headed to dinner later, but the sammiches were calling my name.
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