Mex Tequila Bar

I love my friends at Bikram Yoga Baltimore, so much so that I will do an outdoor yoga class with my mat and my face on the ground of the beer soaked power plant floor.  And on top that, have a few drinks at Mex. I can tell you with absolute certainty that I will never go back to this place – well, unless there is another outdoor class and peer pressure from the instructors.

First off, it will take about 20 min for you to get 6 drinks, even when you are the only table in the place and 5 of those drinks are beer and wine.  Don’t ask me how long, if you actually order some margaritas.    I shall say, the bartender can make a decent bloody mary, which is a perfect after yoga, midday drink.  It was spicy and flavorful, but certainly not very strong.  That was fine since it was the middle of the day and I was driving.

If you like Mexican food, I would stop at the drinks. I’ve tried the salsa and the queso.  They both taste like nothing – the grocery store jars have more flavor, and are certainly cheaper.  The guacamole comes in a large mortar bowl, which would indicate that it is made fresh as you order.  Taste wise, its missing the lime, the cilantro, the spice and the salt.  Chips are good though – covered in old bay – finally something with taste.  No wonder, considering everything else is bland.

There are no pictures, since I was completely underwhelmed from the moment I stepped across the threshold.  I truly enjoy Aggio and Joe Squared and places like this do not help those survive.

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