De Kleine Duivel

I love Belgium beers, so I can’t believe it has taking me this long to make a stop at De Kleine Duivel.  This Belgium beer hall is much bigger than I expected.  I love the large bar and mix of counter height tables and booths; great spots for all types of groups.   I grabbed a high top for a larger group – thinking it would allow us to be more social.


I can get a little overwhelmed when there is a large beer or wine list, so I let some one else do the picking for me.  Dang, if he didn’t choose perfectly for me when he picked a Kasteel Tripel – a little malty and enriched with hops, but the some how manages to tame them and therefore rounding out the bitterness.

My favorite thing about this spot is that the glasses are always on point to match the beer.  You can see – although since its dark and intimate in that spot, the picture quality is terrible – that my glass actually matches the brand of the beer.  I have no idea where they keep all these glasses, becuase the spot doesn’t feel cluttered.

Everyone at the table had a glass that was appropriate for the style of beer.  Some of these glasses remind me of my chemistry days – like this one here – I was a little intimidated that I would break it just trying to pick it up.  Although, I also drop water glasses, so… maybe it has nothing to do with the glass.


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