Rye in Fells is a craft cocktail bar.  The bartenders know all the classics and have a menu with some well crafted drinks in case you don’t know your classics that well.  I like how they organize the menu – based on flavor profiles; “refreshing” drinks with a smoother flavor on top for those who are cocktail novices and then increasing as you move down the page to more intense drinks like a Diamondback with local Pikesville Rye.

I tend to stop in here late night on Sundays.  It can get kinda busy with industry folks, and those like me who want to believe they are part of the industry.  I tend to go with a Last Word – a gin drink with green Chartreuse.  It falls in the middle on the menu – a depth in flavor, but certainly not muting the gin taste.  Eric also introduced me to the “Viking Daisy”: Dorothy Parker Gin, yellow Chartreuse mixed with strawberry, lemon and fennel.


This particular sunday – I went with a Naked and Famous by Eric Fooy – a beautifully shaken sombra mescal drink with aperol, one of my favorite spirits – yellow Chartreuse – and tart fresh lime.  All of their syrups are made in-house and all of the juices are fresh squeezed, so the prices are a little higher than if you head down the street for a crush.

Please be patient with your bartenders – they are crafting your cocktails with love, and since its kind a small in there, there aren’t many folks working at any given time.  They might not get to you immediately, but I know I want the same care given to my cocktail, so I wait.  And smile.

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