Johnny’s is huge; it’s around the corner and downstairs from Petit Louis in Roland Park.  On paper this place should be fantastic.  It’s part of the Foreman and Wolfe enterprises and I can get breakfasty foods  in the mid-morning on weekday.  The pro is that their coffee program is totally on point.


Foodwise, I felt a little mislead.  I went with the Chilaquiles.  It’s in so many ways a deconstructed taco.  In this particular case, a kinda soggy flavorless taco.  The tortilla strips had zero texture and not much flavor given that they were simmered in tomatillo sauce.  The avocado wasn’t seasoned and the queso fresco didn’t add much to the plate.  There is no reason for this dish not to come with poached eggs or at least a sunny side up, runny egg.  Other than sheer laziness.  That being said, I think the best thing on the plate was the  scrambled eggs – when does that ever happen?

The Kiko’s Loco Fried Rice was much better, although rather uninspired.  Fried rice with some breakfast classics like bacon and scrambled egg, with some Asian inspired additions like garlic, scallion, and soy.

This wasn’t my first time at Johnny’s – and weekend brunch seems to be better than the daily experience.  I sat at the bar, and found the barista/bartender rather awkward and inattentive.  I want to believe that this wasn’t their best showing.
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