The Wharf Rat

Is it rude to call this place a dive bar? I kind of felt like a pirate was going to come walking in at any moment.  I can’t say it’s going to be one of my regular spots, but I had a great time at the Wharf Rat.


I stopped in on a Wednesday, when they have their half price pizza deal – well cheese pizza, but you can pay to add any toppings you feel like.  We went with a large – not sure why, it was way to much food – and added sausage pepperoni and red peppers.  It definitely hit the spot – super cheesy, a little spicy, but overall, not too greasy.  Plus, they have all the extras – red pepper, oregano, and parm – if you want to add your own touch.  IMG_1773.JPG

What’s crazy is they also have a 3 pony beers for $8.  And for as small as they seem, they have a ton of draft choices.  The bartender not only pours the beers, mixes the drinks, but she also preps and cooks the food.  I wonder if they ask about pizza dough tossing in the interview.  Just a note, she can’t be sure your pizza isn’t burning without asking for your patience on the drinks.  At the same time, I like my pizza a little on the crispy side, so we made her job easy.  Check out the action shot:

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