Lobo Fells Point

Lobo has some charm. the place has a very welcoming vibe and tons of seating.  It’s right on the outskirts of Fells on Aliceanna Street; I think I have passed it repeatedly.  I do suggest going for happy hour, as it seems the specials are great.  We had a really nice time, but I think everything we ordered would have been on happy hour.

The kitchen is completely exposed and really quite tiny – I am not sure how they are doing such upscale bar food in such a small little spot.  I think the exposed brick and warm wood bar makes for a really inviting spot.

I started with a Willamette Valley Pinot Gris, but they have a nice selection of whites.  I eventually switched to the Vinho Verde – a little cheaper and still really cheerful.  Chef sent out a little appetizer: cute little crostini with an herb puree, which held us over as we worked through the menu.


After perusing the menu, we started with the Chef’s board, a mix of cheeses and cured meets, plus some dips and house made pickled items.  It was an easy choice when the group couldn’t decide between the charcuterie, cheese and pickled plates.  My only complaint was that there wasn’t nearly enough bread for that much meat and those huge chunks of cheese.  Am I the only one who likes bread and or crackers with her cheese???


Next, we went for the oyster raw bar: Malpeques, Warshores, and Choptanks. They serve them on ice with lemon and tons of sauces, no need to choose: cocktail sauce, fresh grated horseradish and three mignonettes: champagne and melon, red wine, and ginger and rice wine.  I couldn’t decide.  I kept trying them all.  


I wasn’t super hungry, so I stopped there, but the sandwiches and the mussels were also a great hit.

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