Katana Baltimore

I cannot say enough for this place.  It’s in a spot that appears to struggle and has changed many times since I have lived in Charm City.  I sure hope they make it though, because the service and people are so great, and the food is even better.  IMG_0045

The first time I went, we ordered a bunch of sushi from the menu and special board.  I totally recommend checking out the special board and step a little out of your comfort zone. It is fresh and different then what you would normally expect.  On that day – there two cuts of blue fin, which we also combined with the salmon skin roll, and some other sushi classics.


I have been back and I will definitely be going back.  We spent a few moments deciding on drinks – I am still struggling a little to figure out what I will be drinking there – I don’t love the wine list, nor sake.  So I have been trying out the cocktails, especially since they are on happy hour.  I started with the Hey Jealousy a reference to the Gin Blossoms, combining gin and little St. Germain.

Enough already, on the food – it’s fun to watch the chef make the dishes – he is so focused and his pride shows in the flavor and presentation. IMG_0156 We started with the live scallop, which astonished everyone sitting around us, since most, including me, had never seen an actual scallop shell.   The thin slices of sweet scallop, placed on a tart lemon slice is a great combo.  The center of the slices is a slaw style salad with a little seaweed and some of the sweet meat that attached the muscle to the shell.  This chef is definitely introducing me to some new tastes and textures.  I can’t complain – I’d get it every day.

This week, they also had red and black snapper sushi.  The two fish were so different.  The red was a little fattier and slightly buttery texture, I liked it slightly better than the black snapper, which was a little more delicate.  Still both great.  One more time, go for the specials.

We then shared some sake with the chefs, and finished the meal with a few slices of sashimi.

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