Isabella’s Brick Oven

Be sure to know that the brick oven is not just for pizza, they put all sorts of sandwiches in there.  This Little Italy family owned hot spot has been on my list for MONTHS and I finally stopped in for lunch.

IMG_0110They were crowded, but somehow the guy behind the counter knew exactly who walked in when and helped everyone in the right order, and profusely apologized with some pasta salad if somehow he made a mistake.  The folks here make you feel right at home the moment you walk in.


I didn’t do any of the picking, I went with a regular and let him pick his favorite off the menu.  I never like to pick anyway. We went with the King Richard, basically your meat lovers: meatballs, sausage, pepperoni and ham, with light tomato sauce on fresh house made dough.  I wish i had a better picture of the pizza, but I was too hungry to focus.  IMG_0112These guy’s meatballs are outrageous.  I wanted to get one on the side, but we had too much food to begin with.  The crust is crisp, but still a soft doughy center – with a few char marks from being in the oven.  There was so much meat on this pizza, but it wasn’t greasy or dripping with oil – can anyone explain that to me?  They top everything with your classic mozz.  I suggest this place for lunch any day.

They are fast, taking less time to make your food than you take to deciding from the menu.

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