Pete’s Grill

There is something charming about counter service only places.  Pete’s Grill has about 25 seats at the counter and serves up some classic diner food.  If it’s breakfast time, I generally go for a BLT on white toast; I know… boring, but still a classic.  Every so often, I go for the egg sandwich on an English muffin.


Even though I am not a huge pancake or sweet breakfast eater, I also like to have a bite or two of their blueberry pancakes.  I order a single pancake, cause they are HUGE, and thick and dense.  I can never finish it.  And if you like, try my mom’s favorite – this blueberry pancake with a sunny side up egg.  IMG_4172If you are there for lunch – please get the burger – my fav is LTO and a some mayo, but they can top it with whatever you want.  Worth it.  One of my favorite in the city and some days they have a lunch special with a coke and fries for less than that place with the double arches.
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