Jokers ‘N Thieves

IMG_4247I have loved Lane over at JD’s for a long time.  I like Jokers ‘n Thieves even more. I still have Lane; I still have TV and access to a bunch of sports games, and there is BRUNCH ALL DAY.  Yep, I said it.  Brunch items – ALL DAY LONG.  Hooray!  The decor is updated and has a modern trendy ambiance.

They have a small, but quality wine list that a narrowed down beer list (compared to JD’s) that will rotate, just not quite as often.  They also have your traditional cocktails and leaning more towards adding in some clever craft cocktails.   We tried this fancy prosecco drink that the Lane is working on – sweet vermouth, a little grand marnier and campari and lots of bubbles.

There were three of us.  I have the absolute best foodie friends.  We all like most things and are always willing to share.  Chef Jesse can create some creative dishes – this place really seems to suit her skills – as she brings fanciness to southern cuisine.  I am glad she has a spot to shine, I have been waiting to see what where we would find her since Oliver Speck’s closed.
IMG_4232We hadn’t eaten much, so we started with the caramel bacon popcorn and we perused the menu.  I was not in a very helpful decision-making mood.  I was hungry and everything sounded fantastic.  My friends helped narrow down some of the selection, while I ate popcorn. We tried to vary the proteins and flavor profiles. That isn’t hard here, especially with the brunch menu, there are a ton of choices.

First to arrive was the kohlrabi fries.  I don’t know what I was expecting, since the menu clearly said raw kohlrabi, but I was surprised when it was just the veggie cut into french fry like sticks.  I am not sure if I have had a lot of kohlrabi in life – but it has the texture of a radish or jicima, but flavor wise is sweet like the latter, and kind of has a little broccoli hint in there too.  Joker’s serve it with a sauce they call “the bizness” – their own creamy special sauce.


Next, we split the White Trash Tacos and the Hangtown Fry.  These tacos – thin strips of fried chicken with some cole slaw and a few pickled jalapeños add just the right amount of spice and the queso really completes the dish. Not exactly sure why they have the could be offensive name, but I’ll be ordering them again.  Spot on Jesse.  Our favorite thing on the table – err bar…


The Hangtown Fry – scrambled eggs with ham, red onions and asparagus topped with corn meal fried oysters and arugula leaves.  I loved these oysters – the cornmeal gave a really crispy crust and the oysters were perfectly cooked on the inside.  The eggs were fine; the arugula helped keep the dish interesting.  I would probably skip the eggs, and go for the oyster app, or maybe add some hot sauce.  Overall a nice dish, interesting combo, but a little boring on the palate – well except those oysters.


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