Azumi is the “new Pabu” and continues the expansion of the the Alex Smith restaurants.  Although the focus is still on Japanese cuisine, this is not a newer version of Pabu.  The place is different, the menu is different, the ambiance is different, but the price point still remains quite high.

I like the outdoor space, but the tables are ginormous pieces of marble and “cannot be moved”, so hopefully you don’t have a party bigger than 6.   And if its windy, there is zero shade because they cannot have the umbrellas. And it’s worth noting that they do not carry the happy hour specials out to the patio. You can get everything on the regular menu outside, which includes several reasonably priced wine by the glass ($10-$15).

The menu here is a little on the pricey side, but their rolls are reasonable. Although, almost all involve avocado, which I love, but my friend who was sharing is allergic. I was a little disappointed that the the waiter didn’t have a clear understanding about which roles did or didn’t have it, unless it was stated on the menu. After a check with the kitchen, we settled on the spicy tuna roll. This has rice on the outside, with spicy tuna on the inside, with a creamy spicy sriracha sauce and topped with scallions.  Tasty. Simple.  I’ve tried a few bites of different things here.  I like the food.  One of these days, I will splurge and go for a full dinner…

But, the roll menu and view from the patio is up there.


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