1157 Bar and Kitchen

As the Baltimore Sun suggested, I am going to shout about the charms of 1157; it does deserves the attention.

This place is modest, maybe tiny or small is a better word.  There is one large table – communal style – but good for groups and a couple of two person booths and maybe 12 bar seat.  I like it this way… I quickly chatted up the bartender and my Friday took a delightful turn.  I started with a cocktail – a Kir Royal – to be exact.  Let’s face it, I am a sucker for anything with sparkling wine and fruit.  Creme de cassis, with sparkling wine and a few black berries; too sweet for me to have more than one, so I quickly switched to the vinho verde.  The drink list is not extensive, but I can’t imagine not finding something that you like.  Plus, the bartenders seem to have a handle on your classics, so just ask if you want something you don’t see.


Food wise – the small plates are not as small as you think.  Once again, a limited menu, but I still had a hard time deciding – well maybe not, by eye drew me immediately to the octopus and my friend picked the ceviche.

The Fluke Ceviche had a little spice with the red peppers and lime and orange juices.  The cucumber and avocado really balanced out the dish.  Huge chunks of the tender but medium textured fish.  This was exactly what this warm spring day called for.  I was a big fan of the flavor, but didn’t like that it was so saucy.  Be sure to scoop out all the fish, I’m not sure what to do with all the rest.

IMG_4178I think i am getting tired of describing octopus dishes.  Still won’t stop me from ordering them.  This was one was completely different than all others.  Huge pieces of meaty octopus griled with a  crispy, almost caramelized char on the outside and a tender warm melty inside.  The chick pea salad was a delightful accompaniment adding texture and depth to the octopus.  Crispy chick peas with summer veggies like red onion, carrot, and cucumber.  Same for the orange Mojo; the sauce adding just the right amount acid to the dish.  I think I did lick this plate – don’t tell. 🙂IMG_4179

A few more friends arrived later, and we shared the cheese plate.  Formidable cheese plate.  Three large chunks of fine cheese, a soft blue/gorganzola type, and creamy soft cheese and a manchego.  They served it with crispy crostini, granny smith apples, a small grape cluster and some crunchy candied walnuts.  Simple, not as extensive as some, but filling.


I can’t wait to come back to this place. I hope my friends who live around the corner visit often. I live a little far, and its kind of tucked away behind the under armor building, so I don’t know how often I will be there, but this will surely be one of my favorite spots in locust point and SoBo.

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