Wit and Wisdom

If you follow me on Insta, you know that I come to Wit and Wisdom every once in a while. If you don’t, you should ;-).  I don’t often sit in the dining rooms of places; I like the hustle and bustle atmosphere of the bar.  Some of my favorites work there.  It might not seem like a place for craft cocktails, but both Aaron and Jonathan do a fantastic job.  Check out the menu or if they aren’t busy, let them make you something.

This was a special day though, a celebration of sorts for both my birthday and a friend who is going away (for just a little while). My favorite part of these guys is the service – if you tell them what you are celebrating, they will greet you mentioning your special occasion and making both the day and meal even better.

We started with a few of my favorite things.  The beet salad for one. Tuscarora heirloom beets that are roasted to a sweet perfection.  Chef then serves it with  and served with an incredibly nutty, salty, creamy monocacy silver goat cheese.  Truly the perfect pairing; both were great on their own, but hitting all the taste buds when eaten together.  The cute little orange square is carrot.  It has been cut very thinly and then formed into a loaf sorta thing – a terrine.

These guys also make an amazing octopus. I am not sure exactly how they prep it, but the end result is a gorgeous charred octopus that is served on top of a cauliflower puree with crispy buttery fingerling potatoes bites.  This is a warm appetizer; the charring giving it both a tender and crispy texture.  I like the combination of the mollusk with the piquillo pepper.  The pepper has a nice tang, without the heat to overpower the octopus. And check out those watermelon radish slices – beautiful texture and color.

The entrée discussion took a little longer.  I wanted the scallops, then thought about the lobster pot pie, and was eventually talked into the absolutely wonderful lamb.  I wish I could tell you more, but between the appetizers and the side dishes, I didn’t each much of the crispy braised lamb leg.  I did pick at the ratatouille with white beans.  They serve this with squash blossom stuffed with the same ratatouille and a spring roll stuffed with more of the braised lamb.  I did eat one of those.

If you are deciding between a couple of the sides to get: don’t, get them all.  But if you have to get the mac and cheese, broccoli and the potatoes.

I am glad I didn’t eat too much because we definitely tried all of their desserts.  My favorite being the Maple.  It’s a butternut squash puree with caramelized puff pastry and praline. The ice cream that accompanies it is also mapley sweet.
IMG_4053But, the beignets are good too.  I mean, really, they are beignets.  And if fried dough with honey and Nutella isn’t enough, chef adds the rich butteriness of some foie gras. Ridiculous.

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