The Arthouse


I have walked past this spot 1000 times and keep planning to stop in.  Timing was perfect recently, as I have been staying close to home.  These guys have a brick oven, but have way more than pizza.


I checked out a few of the beers on tap that sounded interesting – the beers change regularly. I ended up going with a gorgeous Malbec; 2012 El Libre from Mendoza, Spain.  The wine had a nice body.  The body of the wine basically refers to the way that the wine feels in your mouth.  I prefer a medium body.  I like it to coat my taste buds, but giving me dry mouth on the finish.  This one was perfect for both my dishes.


I started with the Apple Salad.  The team takes crisp apple slices, mixed nuts and chunks of blue cheese over top baby greens.  The apple flavor continues through to the dressing with the apple cider reduction.  I liked how the salad greens stayed crisp, giving this salad an interesting combination of flavors and textures.

I also had the Baked Oysters.  I am not sure why I expected the oysters to come in their shells, but this made for a new presentation  for me, but also let me eat every single bite.  These oysters are in a little glass dish with bacon, baby spinach and a ton of butter and reggiano creating a bubbly crust.  I had to give it a few seconds as it came out of the brick oven. Maybe some minutes – no problem – I had enough time to get a second glass of wine.

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