Donna’s Cafe

I am often in need of a coffee stop in the late to mid morning.  Charles Village has a ton of spots, my parking spot was closest to Donna’s…  I grabbed an ice coffee – a medium brew with smooth caramelly body.  I like a little cream and sugar, I barely needed any.


I was headed to an incredibly long meetings, so I grabbed a quick bite to go.  I opted for the powerhouse, and even though they have table service, the take out did not take very long.  I thought my veggies were going to come on ciabatta, but I was pleasantly pleased with the flax multi-grain bread.  It added a nice dense texture as opposed to the more chewy Italian bread.


The powerhouse comes with a slice of provolone cheese, some fresh crisp tomatoes and cucumber.  My favorite part was the mixed greens.  I was a little disappointed as they skimped a little on the avocado.  Since there wasn’t much else in terms of dressing, some of the sammich was a little dry.  Nevertheless, the flavors melded nicely; the raw red onion did not over power the rest.   Big pro, it is a much easier way to get veggies on the go than a salad.

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