Baltimore’s Best Outdoor Dining Experience

Ok, so there are some spots that have great seating that I prefer not to eat – like Waterfront Kitchen, Wine Market Bistro and Barcocina – perfect for drinks and maybe a few snacks.  Great views.  Worth checking out.  When I consider the entire dining experience, I am a little picky.  Blue Hill Tavern never disappoints, and they have some limited outdoor seating and an outdoor bar.  B Bistro in Bolton hill and City Cafe give you a different view of Charm City than most expect with some quality menu choices.  Liv 2 Eat is kind of the same way with their outdoor courtyard.

I think overall experience means I want to eat there and they have a fun outdoor space with sun, a view or a breeze.

Woodberry Kitchen and Wit & Wisdom both hit the mark for me.  They have wonderful, but incredibly different views.  Both are associated with award-winning chefs who create an inspired, although limited and somewhat pricey menu.  Woodberry is farm to table restaurant and so the menu changes regularly with the seasons.  I like to share an entrée and get a few snacks or small plates.  Wit is your classic tavern menu with a focus on East Coast cuisine and craft cocktails.  This can’t be your every day stop, but it is perfect for showing off to out-of-towners or even your parents.

Gertrude’s is a little more casual and affordable, but still feels fancy because you can be in the middle of the sculpture garden at the Baltimore Museum of Art.  The food here is quality and so are the drinks.  I usually walk here and spend time in the gardens.  They also have a really good crab cake – some people’s favorite in the city.  They even do a zucchini version of the crab cake, which my vegetarian friends have loved.

Thames Street Oyster House has a surprisingly gorgeous outdoor courtyard.  I know, I know, a courtyard might not count as a view, but it does count as outdoor dining, and you aren’t stuck with all the smoke that can come off the Thames Street in Fells.  Plus, let’s be real; the food is stunning and delectable.  I usually go for the raw bar, but they have my favorite crab cake in the city.  The brunch specials are tasty.  If you do seafood, but not the raw bar, choose the lobster roll.  You won’t be disappointed, even if you’re from New England.

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