Food Market

Oh Hampden, you have so so many great places to eat.  Food Market is usually quite solid.  I like to go there with a few folks and get a bunch of plates to share, but that’s actually how I prefer all my dining.  What I like about their menu is the things are divided by size.  I was there for happy hour; it was kind of early, so food came out quickly.
I started with a muddled cocktail – don’t worry – these bartenders are set up to easily muddle things.  The Strotter is slightly bitter for me as designed – the green tea infused Hendricks adds a unique medicinal taste, but meshes easily with the blackberries and mint.  I sub out the tonic for regular soda, but some even prefer sprite.
We shared the roasted cauliflower & fresh carrots served atop a buffalo-feta spread. I love this. The carrots were crisp and colorful – some purple, some yellow, and the classic orange.  The tender roasted cauliflower and the buffalo feta spread combined for classic chicken wing flavors without the meat or as many of the calories.  The peppery greens gave a nice cut to the richness of the thick feta spread.
We also had the delicious “Beets by Chad”. Chad Gauss combines sweet, tender red beets with tart crisp pears and a few orange slices. The whole mix is tossed in a pomegranate vinaigrette and topped with some greens, feta cheese and crunchy pistachio.  This is a great dish.  I like how the Food Market offers a fair number of vegetarian dishes, and the size is perfect for sharing.

Lastly, I shared the mussels.  These are pan roasted with leeks and a champagne cream sauce.  Traditionally, these come with bacon, but we opted out of that.  The grilled bread is definitely not enough to soak up that yummy champagne cream sauce. Luckily, we got a little extra. IMG_3957
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