Woodberry Kitchen

Oh, my favorite time for Woodberry Kitchen is brunch.  It is even better when the weather breaks and you can sit outside.  They have a perfect combo of sun with umbrellas  and trees for shade.  Plus, in the evenings, they have a fire pit, that adds some extra warmth and ambiance to sitting outside.

IMG_3889We started with a drink – I had the Trisaetum Dry Riesling, which we tasted in Willamette Valley. My friend got the bellini, and promptly switched to the wine.  They don’t do citrus, since its not particularly local, but the bellini was sweet – honey plus a nectarine syrup maybe?  The Trisaetum is citrusy, with a lot of character that made it go great with every one of our courses.  It’s a great spring wine… try it, even if Riesling isn’t your go to wine.  It’s not sweet, much more rich and fruit forward than your traditional Rieslings.

IMG_3886For our first “course”, we had the donut with a maple glaze.

This was so good.  It is also huge; like the size of my open hand huge.  Thank goodness we didn’t have 5 and I was splitting this one.  I would have eaten the whole thing all by myself. (Well my waistline thanks me, not so much my tastebuds…) It was a little on the cake side, but still light and fluffy.  The maple glaze gave a hint of savory with my sweet.  First Rate.

Next, is my absolute fav brunch entree. The Morning Flatbread. I think everyone I know gets at least one of these for the table every time we go for brunch.  It’s probably on most tables during brunch.  IMG_3888It’s a breakfast pizza.  They do a kinda thin crust, but you still get a good amount of dough on the edges.  You can see the chunks of sausage and ham, as well as, thinly sliced potatoes and onions.  The whole thing is topped with cheese and cooked with a farm fresh egg.  We lucked out and had two – whites could have been cooked ever so slightly more, but the yolks were still a little runny, which makes for a rich “sauce” on the pizza.

We then had the smoked tuna roll – which is in the vain of a lobster role, but with smoked tuna. Obvi.IMG_3887 The smoked tuna is flaked and mixed with some mustard, mayo and spices and then stuffed generously into a buttered roll.  This was surprising to me.  I had no idea what to expect.  I enjoyed the salty-ness of the fish and it mixed well with the pepperiness of the watercress and radish salad.  I actually might have like this a little better than the flatbread – only cause it was a little different, more unique and classic to Woodberry Kitchen.

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