Clark Burger

I stumbled on this spot driving down York Road with a  good friend of mine.  I think the conversation was like, I’m hungry, let’s stop on the way to the mall – “ooohh, what is that place?”

They are a burger joint – a small little shop – that specializes in burgers, fries, and has some beers.  The uniforms all have the Canadian Maple Leaf, which explains the six types of poutine and tons of fry toppings.


We went with the “THE CLARK BURGER”, which is a patty topped with Tillamook sharp cheddar, smoked bacon and CB sauce.  Then they add your routine sliced onion, shredded lettuce and a pickle.  They made it a perfect medium.  The bun might be a little much for this burger – cause the toppings tend to fall off as you squeeze it, but flavor wise – no complaints.

For the poutine – we went with the Classique.  Clark Burger hand cuts fries.  For this style, they top them with fresh Squeaky Cheese Curds and our rich, house made gravy.  I don’t love their gravy.  I might try it again, but it tasted a little like what I could make from a box.  Fries, though, cheese curds, yes please.  More please.

Clark Burger on Urbanspoon

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