Two Boots Pizza

IMG_2978 I walked into a meeting with a take out box from Two Boots and was immediately the envy of the room.  About 14 people asked me where I got my pizza.  They do a thin, hand tossed style dough and in NY style fashion, they have huge wide slices. Like I said, the slices are huge and I can stand to share, so I tried to offer a few bites… no takers, just a bunch of droolers.

I like these guys.  Many of their pizzas are named after famous folks and sometimes even based on the toppings the celebrity liked.  I usually get a slice of “The Bird”.  It is named after a jazz musician named Charlie “Bird” Parker.   Given the Bird in the name, this pizza pie is topped with spicy buffalo chicken, blue cheese dressing instead of red sauce and then garnished with scallions and jalapeños.  It’s spicy, but not too peppery-ness is tampered by the blue cheese chunks.  I love this one and thank a friend for the recommendation.


I also added a slice of “The Newman” on a whim.  Newman is more of a character than a celebrity, even so a pizza pie of sopressata, sweet Italian sausage on a white pie seems exactly like something he would eat.  It hit the spot for exactly what I was looking for.  I guess I was craving some greasy, meaty goodness.

I can’t say enough about the ambiance of this place.  It’s fun on the inside, but not so fun that it can be distracting.  These guys must really like working here.  They always have a smile on their face.

Two Boots on Urbanspoon

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