Parts and Labor

Parts and Labor is definitely a meat lovers paradise – kinda like Blue Pitt BBQ.  In fact, they are a butcher, so you can get prime and unique cuts of meat.  Call ahead, even though they have a large number of choices, they don’t have everything all the time.  They do, however, have a window and an open area where you can see the butchering take place – if that is your kinda thing.

This was a welcome home dinner with a bunch of friends.  We had a cute waiter and when he asked if we were ready to order, I of course went with my normal go to:  “one of everything, please”.  Actually, we weren’t that far off.  I think the best way to eat here is with a group and to share all the plates; this way you get to try everything, it’s much cheaper, and no one over eats.

The beef tartare was a perfect start.  The raw beef chopped fine with pickles, shallots, celery and some herbs – mostly likely scallion and parsley.  It had a little bit kimchi spice and a creamy mayo texture.  Thank goodness my friends ordered this before I arrived, I finished every last bite remaining, including the potato chips they serve for dipping.


We also had the pickled eggs with beets.  This is a small dish 3 halves per order; we ordered two for the 5 of us. They must be pickled with the beets or beet juice because they take on this gorgeous pink color. The pickled beets are spot on too. Everything has a tangy vinegar flavor, but complemented with the sweet earthy beet.

We then had two meats. The rib eye  and the brown sugar beef rib.


The rib eye was a huge 14 oz cut of rib loin that they chef grilled to a perfect medium rare.  Tender, with a crisp slightly charred edge.  It was so tender, my friend easily and expertly sliced it into 5 chunks; one for each of us.  They smothered it in a parsley, green chimichurri sauce and topped with a compound butter.   It always pains my friend as I make him wait, so I can take the picture.  He may have shed a tear as he watched the butter melt and slide off the side (jk).  The sauce brought out all the flavors in the tender meat.  It was sublime.  I will order it every time.  It is on the pricy side, but totally worth it.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also had the beef short rib that was encrusted in brown sugar.  The meat simply fell off the bone as you tried to grab a bite with your fork.  I love the sugar flavor with the ribs; it gave the feeling of the ribs being basted regularly with barbecue sauce.  If you like meat, these are your go two choices.  It’s served with a creamy cabbage cole slaw.


We added the sweet potatoes and the greens to round out the meal.  Neither of these are my favorite sides, but I was pleasantly pleased by both.  Look at those sweet potatoes, roasted until slightly browned and served topped with a fish pepper glaze.  Yum.  I kind of want them now and I don’t even eat them on Thanksgiving.  The collard greens were braised.  Those who love greens thought they were some of the best they have ever had. I wish they still had the brussels on the menu – but, alas, they were out of season.

I am so glad this place is so close to where I live.  I have been in for the charcuterie – which is absolutely worth it.  Much better than anything that comes from the grocery store.  My guests rave about it when I serve it at parties.  Like I said, this isn’t the best place for vegetarians.  But, my friends and I tend to order meat often anyway… I’ll be back.
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