Dang. I love brunch. I don’t know how many times I can possibly say it.


Dooby’s also has great coffee – although I went with a dirty chai latte.  


I wanted everything.  So, I started with the avocado toast.  It was a thick schmear of smooth, lemony avocado on crusty bread.   I was expecting more of sliced avocado, but this was a nice surprise. The crushed red peppar was a great add.  Filling. I don’t think we finished it.


I got super excited, errr… rather distracted when my pork belly eggs Benedict came.  I didn’t love the steam buns, but the pork was very tender, yet very meaty, not just pure fat.  My eggs were perfect; solid whites and still runny yolks.  The winner on this dish was the cheesy rice grits with the scallion hollandaise.  Solid flavors all in one bite.

The home-style breakfast is a great choice – egg’s your way, with sausage AND bacon, potatoes and crusty bread. The fingerlings are kinda smashed and then a fried a little crispy.   Mmmm…


The last thing on our table was the coconut milk pancakes.  They are sweet and topped with some blueberries, and a pineapple-maple syrup and a huge dollop of whipped cream.  To give your palate a break, they also give you a side of light and fluffy scrambled eggs.


I really enjoyed my meal here.  Prices weren’t outrageous.  You order at the counter and then sit wherever you like.  You have to listen close though for them to call your name – there is no wait staff.  Don’t worry about cleaning your plates, though, just leave them where they are.  That is probably my only complaint; I don’t like to sit and chat near dirty dishes – maybe they don’t want you to?

I have been here before, for a Yelp event.  But this was my first time for a true meal here.  I will be back for sure for their Korean inspired meals.

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