Wine: Willamette Valley, OR

Well, that was the reason for this girls trip.


We went to all the wineries – all 450 – just kidding, but we did make a dent:

  • Aldesheim – These guys are one of the original wine makers and the winery has that sort of “old school” feel.  They make some earthy pinots and we all bought a bottle of the rose.  I think I learned the most about wine at this winery.
  • Alexana – The people are so sweet, and they have so many different soils, their wine has a great mineralogy and peppery qualities.
  • Argyle – Sparkles.  We lucked out, this is walking distance from our house.  Yep – super safe for us to drink all the sparkles.   My favorite sparkle was the black brute, made completely from pinot noir.  It didn’t help we made an Argyle friend on the plane.  Love these guys.  They are all over the place at our local wine stores.
  • Cooper Mountain – We had a personal connection here – and Barbara was incredibly sweet and knowledgable about their organic and biodynamic farming and wine making. “Clean Air. Clean Soil. Clean Wine.”
  • Erath – This was a fun stop.  They gave us a large tasting list – with some beautiful pinots.  They are such a large winery though, that we can get most of them at home.  It will be fun to be able to see the bottle in the store and know we visited them.
  • Ponzi – We might be the Ponzi spokes people on the east coast – or at least, one of my friends is.  This was one of our favorite stops. We already know we love the wine, so we settled in by the fire and enjoyed ourselves and a little sass with the tasting room.  These guys are available in stores – especially Bin 604.
  • Trisaetum – let me be straight with all of you – we bought 22 bottles here – yep.  Basically, one of everything.  Their rose and white pinot are outrageous.  Sorry, only available in the tasting room. If you have a chance, grab some at your favorite restaurant.
  • Winderlea – Great view.  amazing view.  In fact the flowers below belong to this winery.  It was our third stop and our palate was waning, so we didn’t buy any of the wine.


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