Blue Pit BBQ and Whiskey Bar

My friend Matt has been coming here when they were just a tiny, but fantastic, whiskey bar.  Then, they added food. Then, I waited 90 days. I have no idea what I have been waiting for.  Although, this was the perfect dinner on a chilly spring evening.  This spot is small – and they only have true restaurant service at the bar, but if you can’t find seats at the bar, there are plenty of tables and some outdoor seating.  The bartenders work hard behind that bar, but they are every attentive if you need something – just step up the two feet and ask.   IMG_3486
These guys are also a whiskey bar.  Maybe you missed that in the name.  They have over 100 whiskeys from all over the US.  I didn’t have the nerve to try any of them, plus I was driving.  Good excuse, right?  I also have a friend who would love this bar – not only for the BBQ.  He is a huge fan of the Moscow mules, especially fancied up ones.  These guys have a Mule Du jour.  Today it was strawberry rhubarb with a ginger infused vodka. Very inciting.  I thought about it for a while…
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I ultimately thought it best to go with a beer. The draft list isn’t extensive, but they have a ton of bottles.  They will definitely be able to match your tastes.  I chose with an Anthem by Union Craft. It’s a classic golden ale; easy drinking and paired perfectly with the plate o’ meat.

IMG_3490It’s actually a tray.  There were three of us and we generally like to do a family style share it all kinda meal.  We went with a  3 meat plate – Zeek’s Coffee Rubbed Brisket, 18 hour Pit Cooked Pulled Pork, and the Smoked Union Anthem Bratwurst.  The plates come with two sides and a chunk of cornbread.  We chose the Creamy Four Cheese Mac ‘n cheese and baked beans w/ brisket & pork. We added an extra side – the collard greens w/ neck bones & sherry vinegar and 2 more cornbreads to make the sharing much easier.

My favorite – and I think the favorite of the table was the brisket.  So tender that is was hard to lift off the tray.  I don’t have enough pixels on the iPhone to give you a true picture.  This brisket is rubbed in Zeke’s Coffee which enhances the flavor.  This brisket had your classic burnt-melt-in-your-mouth texture that I love.  I didn’t get much of a smokey flavor, but I will be ordering this every time I head in there.

The pulled pork was great.  The brats were smokey and went well with the mustard sauce.  I liked all the sides, my favorite was the mac n cheese – but that’s gonna beat beans and greens most days.

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