b. A Bolton Hill Bistro

I like this place.  It’s quaint and kind of hidden.  I like the open kitchen bistro feel of the place.  My friends and I did a lot of sharing.  That’s my favorite way to have dinner.  Lot’s of tastes, less decisions.
IMG_3044 We shared a bunch of appetizers. My favorite was this pumpkin ravioli.  The pasta was al dente and stuffed with a savory, yet somehow sweet pumpkin purée.  There were toasted pumpkin seeds and brown butter and sage.  The brown butter oil was the perfect dipping sauce for their focaccia.  I wish they had given us more.  I may have stolen my friends.  Mmmmm, bread…

I ordered the duck breast, cooked to an optimal medium rare.  It was good, sliced on top of a wild rice pilaf with fresh greens. The duck was rich with a crispy skin. I like the slight gamey taste to duck. It complemented the dark berry drizzle that came with it. We also had scallops, totally fine. They served it with chunks of pork belly – large chunks equal to the size of the scallops.

Neither beat the steak; it was the highlight of the meal. It was perfectly medium rare and served with fantastically creamy and buttery mashed potatoes. There was grilled asparagus and a tasty pan sauce drizzled over the dish.

This place is good. Consistently good, sometimes really good. I have yet to experience great. They are a nice date spot, so I will keep trying.

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