Baltimore’s Best Brunch

There are tons of choices; I love brunch and I have probably only eaten at half of them.  There are some definite go to spots for me – Langermann’s, Golden West Cafe, Regi’s American Bistro, Paper Moon Diner, and Teavolve Cafe. Oh, and Blue Moon Cafe, as long as you don’t mind waiting (and waiting…). Many people love Miss Shirley’s, Cafe Hon, and Little Havana.  None of those are not my favorite; I find them overpriced and a little boring – but they are kind of “iconic Charm City”, so I get it.  Hey, even Baltimore Sun agrees with most of my choices…

I think the winner for me is Woodberry Kitchen, whose menu changes regularly.  They do their coffee in french presses for the table and make tasty brunch drinks.  Their portions are huge, though, so I usually split a small plate, like their yogurt and granola and then a larger plate – usually the morning flatbread.  Scratch that – ALWAYS the morning flat bread.  It’s a pizza like dish with maple sausage, caramelized onions, potatoes, cheddar cheese, and a poached or sunny side up egg.  It’s perfectly seasoned with salt, pepper, fresh herbs, and spicy chili oil.  I don’t think we have ever been there for brunch and not ordered at least one flat bread.  Their eggs benny’s are great, so are frittatas, and the sweet and savory baked goods.  You really can’t go wrong, unless of course you have no money.  It’s not cheap. Woodberry Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Maggie’s Farm might be a surprise for you to find on this list.  It is a little off the beaten path – but worth it.  First, they brew local Zeke’s, which is roasted basically next door.  They have a very eclectic bar and can make super special artisanal brunch cocktails.  They usually have a few specialty donuts that change regularly, for those who like to share some sweet and then order something savory.  I don’t know why they don’t get more press.  Their plates are little smaller, but a great size for sharing.  Maggie’s farm has a bunch of fresh seasonal ingredients for the omelets/frittatas and some southern staples like Chick N’ Biscuit.  If you haven’t been here, try them for brunch or dinner. Maggie's Farm on Urbanspoon

I am also quite partial to Wit and Wisdom.  I know it’s pricey; still, the brunch is so extensive.  I think they are only on Sunday… Nevertheless, it has everything: grilled salmon, brussels sprouts, steak & eggs made-to-order, oysters and shrimp.  They also have this ginormous pancake, cakey thing with all sorts of toppings: berries, nutella whipped cream, walnuts.  The pancake is always good; definitely worth a try because sometimes it ranks among some of the best things I have ever ate.  It also changes a little each week, as the “chef’s table” is cuisine chef feels like highlighting – I like it when there is spanakopita.  Plus, I always get a sliver of grilled cheese from the kids table – really, how can you not?  And Mikey and Jonathan tend to work the bar on Sundays – both make a mean Bloody Mary. If you prefer a mimosa – they use fresh squeezed OJ. Wit & Wisdom on Urbanspoon

I can’t wait to try Ten Ten, Dooby’s, Blue Hill, and Petite Louis Bistro.   What’s your favorite brunch spot?

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