Baltimore Magazine’s 2015 Best Restaurants

I am feeling a little sentimental writing this post, realizing that it has been just over a year that I started this blogging thing.  And like the Yoga, I’ve stuck with it.  Good for me.  Back to the matter at hand – Baltimore Magazine and their restaurant list.  This year, there is less of a ranking system – just all the restaurants  in alphabetical order.  Don’t worry, I’m breaking it down…

Hooray!! Winner!

  • Aggio – get the octopus and any of the pastas.
  • B & O American Brasserie – holy crap – you need to have the brussels, and beg them to put the donuts on the menue.
  • Birroteca – best calamari in the city. Yep… I said it.  The Duck Pizza is a highlight.
  • The Black Olive – order from the fresh fish board, they filet it tableside.
  • Blue Hill Tavern – I love their crab cake, but they also make a really good burger.
  • Bookmaker’s Cocktail Club – cocktails… cocktails… cocktails…
  • Bottega – you need a rezzi for this tiny place, but everything is good.  check out their insta for an idea of what is on the menu for the evening.
  • Corner Charcuterie Bar – I like the Corner part more than the charcuterie part, but never disappoints, and often knocks it out of the park.
  • Jack’s Bistro – tiny, cute little spot, but a group of two can usually slide in at the bar.  Get the Guiness filet.
  • Maggies Farm – oh, the donuts.  and the burger.
  • Ouzo Bay – grilled octopus and the feta… what?
  • Parts and Labor – anything. everything. literally.
  • Puerto 511 – ceviche… for reals… everyone needs to try this.
  • Sotto Sopra – get a salad, and share the pumpkin sausage pasta.
  • Tapas Teatro – pitchers of sangria is $10 on Tuesdays.
  • Thames Street Oyster House – Obviously, anything from the raw bar, but also the lobster roll and crab cake.
  • Wit and Wisdom – any cocktail crafted by Aaron or Jonathan, plus the octopus, meatballs, and or
  • Woodberry Kitchen – go for brunch – morning flatbread and french press.

I’m a Fan!


  • Clementine – I have gone a few times.  I love the basil elixer, but otherwise, I’m unimpressed.
  • The Olive Room – The view is a win, the food and the service was not so good, maybe better now that Woody Harrelson is involved.
  • Pazo – I love the space, I don’t love the new menu.

On the Bucket List…

  • Aldo
  • Ambassador Dining Room
  • Azumi
  • Charleston
  • Farmstead Grill
  • Pen & Quill
  • Tio Pepe
  • Verde

Probably Not… some are in the county, blerg…

  • Ananda –
  • Grille 620
  • Highland Inn
  • The Iron Bridge Wine Company
  • Linwoods
  • The Oregon Grille
  • Vin 909

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