I really like this place.  It’s across from the Hippodrome, which makes it a kinda weird spot to do all day drinking.   Nevertheless, if that is how you like your brunch, you can get unlimited mimosas and bloodys for $5 if you have an entrée.  And, it’s those dishes I’m about to convince you to go get.

I had a really hard time deciding between savory and sweet on this particular Saturday.  I actually never go sweet, but usually have food envy of the sweet dish on the menu (or eeek! the table?) for about three bites.   My only complaint about these guys, is they do not really have appetizers.   So, unless your dining partner wants the opposite of you, there is no way to hit all those taste buds.  On this day, I wasn’t so lucky.


I ordered the Short Rib Hash.  I couldn’t see the kitchen, but I just imagined a large cast iron skillet with the short rib, peppers, onions and potatoes just caramelizing in the pancetta.   That glorious mix is served in a large bowl with a poached egg…  I think you can probably serve me any breakfast if you include a poached egg.  The beef was tender a little smokey bbq flavor.  And then you add that to another one of my preferred breakfast staples – the potato.  This hit the spot for me.  I am not sure it is as good as the one at Bistro Rx, but the service blows that place out of the water.


My mom was debating between the Aged Cheddar Omelette and the Breakfast Pizza.  The bartender didn’t even blink an eye; we went with the pizza.  It turns out they are sort of known for their pizza.  I didn’t know that going in.  It was the right choice.  It was also ginormous; it barely fits on the plate.  It reminds me of the morning flat bread at Woodberry (only cheaper and larger).  The pie is topped with chunks of roasted potato, aged cheddar cheese, and bacon.  Then, in the center they put a sunny side egg.  This always makes me nervous – cause I always want the white to be totally cooked – they nailed it.

I would eat here more if it was in a different location.  Forno is just in a weird spot, I never think of it.

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