Zagat’s Best Restaurants 2015

Uhm…. I must say, I am inclined to agree with Rina Rapuano.  Well almost, although these wouldn’t be my stops if I could only pick 8 – which would require the addition Tapas Teatro, Sotto Sopra, Ouzo Bay, and Wit and Wisdom.  Many of these top my list not only for the food, but also for my own personal experiences.  Nevertheless, they are totally worth a visit.

Her list includes:

Bookmakers Cocktail Club – love it.  I haven’t had much food here, but I am a huge fan of the ambiance, the bartenders and of course the cocktails.  Courtland has managed to perfect my last word and has even offered me several variations.

The Charleston – still remains on my bucket list.  I hope to get there this year.

The Food Market – I haven’t written about them.  I find them quite hit or miss.  When they are a hit, they are outstanding and worth every penny.  Although, every so often, the food is mediocre and feels quite overpriced.

Fork and Wrench – same as Food Market. I must qualify by saying I have only been for brunch – once I was a little disappointed and one time I had the best pancakes I’ve had in my life.  The food is inspired and innovative and usually wows.  Get the apple fritters, if they are still on the menu.

Canton Dockside – nope.  never.  I will never ever ever go here.  Never… even if the meal was free or actually even if they paid me to eat there.  I get it.  They have crabs, they have a water view.  They also have terrible service and a 1980s ambiance that makes me want to cry.  The menu is huge and they can’t do anything right, except maybe the crabs, but I won’t trust it.

Azumi – oh, I am loving this place already.  I am trying to wait out the 90 days, but I am failing a little.  I love Adam, the bartender, and feel like I am in good hands with him at all times.  Check them out.  I hope to have more on the food soon.

Thames Street Oyster House – go.  go now.  get the crab cake and as many oysters as you can eat. Or clams, or lobster, or for that matter.

Parts and Labor.  I have been to the butcher.  They are fantastic for cheese, charcuterie or cuts of meat.  The selection is quite limited to whatever they have butchered, but it’s worth it.  The rezzi is already booked, Check back soon.

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